How I came to be a photographer who loves to paint!


From the day my parents handed me a Kodak Brownie and a roll of film I’ve been enchanted by the notion that the things that I witness and experience can be frozen in time and shared with others. I recognized the story telling power of a single image, even better a compilation of them. At the age of fourteen I made one of the best decisions of my life. I signed up for Photo 101 as a high school freshman and for the first time the universe seemed to be in balance with my excitement for photography. Learning accelerated and successes mounted throughout my school years as I worked my way through the ranks of the student media, ultimately becoming Editor In Chief of the Curecanti, one of the nations top collegiate yearbooks.

For the next couple of decades my priorities shifted toward raising family and operating the very demanding family business. Sometime around the age of 40, the desire to resurrect my pursuit of creativity and the process of re-imagining my life commenced.

Today, my Wife and I own a small video production company that caters to business, tourism and the arts. Our work has been featured by the State of Colorado and on PBS. I continue to innovate and hone my craft as a commercial photographer specializing in Architecture, Landscape and Nature. My work has been purchased for display in public spaces and in a growing number of publications including 5280 and Open Fences magazines, A growing client list keeps me on my toes and I find myself specializing in large custom commission prints. As if I didn’t have enough on my plate, I am actively pursuing my new fascination with story telling through oil and acrylic painting. My original paintings are selling online and at Grace Gallery in Denver.